Commercial Gaco Coating


If you aren’t ready to do a full tear off on your commercial roof, then coating it might be your best option. Here at Alliance Group LLC we use top of the line coating material to ensure the life of your commercial building. There’s lots of benefits from coating your commercial roof. Not only does it give a nice seamless look, it will protect your building as well. For example, the coating helps reflect UV rays which extends the life of your roof membrane. It will also help reduce the heat transfer into your commercial building making it much cooler inside.


One of the main reasons in coating the roof on your commercial building is to keep the water leaks out. Our coating will protect your roof from ponding from water damage and severe weather. The coating we use is suitable for any roof type, from flat or sloped as well as large or small buildings. Once your roof is coated, it will reflect harmful UV rays and stop it from damaging your roof.


We are based out of Port St Lucie Florida, but we offer roofing services all over the state of Florida. No job is to small or to big for us!


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