Every Florida home should have a metal roof

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Forecasters are predicting as many as 10 hurricanes and 20 storms for Florida’s 2021 hurricane season. Homeowners are encouraged to have emergency preparedness supplies every hurricane season, including contingency plans in case they’re temporarily displaced.

But there’s one thing every Florida homeowner—and commercial property owner—should double check and invest in as part of their plan: a quality and stable roof.

Roofs are usually the last thing on people’s mind when they think of how to prepare for hurricane season, but we are all quick to recognize how important they are when we think about just how destroyed our homes would be if the roof were torn off or significantly damaged.

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Nobody wants to end up with a roof like the one pictured above. The age of a roof matters, which is why we recommend replacing your roof every 10-15 years. But another issue is the material used. And the best material is metal sheeting.

We truly believe that every home in Florida—especially those along the coasts—should be adorned with beautiful metal sheets.


The advantages of metal roofs 

Metal roofs are more durable than any other type of roof. They are energy efficient and require minimal maintenance. They’re also the biggest trend for Florida properties now that people are seeing just how much more beautiful metal sheeting looks.

Another major benefit can be the price. Some homeowners have a misunderstanding that metal is vastly more expensive than shingles. This can be true if the project is being completed by roofing contractors who buy their materials from third parties.

Fortunately, contractors like us produce our own metal sheeting in house thanks to our sister company Alliance Sheet Metals & Fabrication. This is part of what makes it so property owners can buy metal for the price of shingles.


The biggest concerns: First-time out-of-state homebuyers and old businesses

Florida has seen an incredible surge in new home sales in large part because of the new remote work revolution that resulted from the coronavirus pandemic. While several of these new migrants to the state may be retiring, a good chunk of them are first-time buyers. And they’re the ones to be most concerned about.

Those who have owned houses before already know a lot about what to look for when making purchases. But it’s unlikely people who are moving in from out of state will be paying attention to what material their roof is made out of, instead being more focused on square footage, repairs, and price.

In a recent press release, Alliance Group CEO Adam Ryckman said of these buyers, “I am worried that they may have purchased a home with poorer quality roofs that could be significantly damaged at the first impact of a storm.”

Commercial buildings could also fall victim to the storm season. While we’ve had lots of new commercial development in the southern Florida area, some of the smaller and older businesses and shopping centers around haven’t had any repairs or restoration in the last two decades. Commercial property owners will want to act sooner rather than later.

Owners should contact their home or property insurance in order to help absorb the cost.. Usually, paying for roof repair and/or restoration is something homeowners’ insurance will help cover. Whether or not that’s an option for you, look for companies like Alliance that offer financing options if that is a concern for the homeowner.

As operations manager Dylan Saibic put it, “You can never be too safe when it comes to preparing your building so it doesn’t become a prime candidate for the front page of the news.”

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