Do metal roofs make houses hotter?

metal roof cooler hotter

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America is experiencing a surge in home purchases, and Florida is no different. With young professionals becoming first-time home buyers and people moving now that their positions are remote, it’s no wonder searches for roofs — and specifically metal roofs — are over 100% up.


It’s important to examine the advantages and disadvantages of the materials for roofs.


One common question and concern people often have is if a metal roof makes their house hotter. It’s an understandable concern given that we commonly associate metal with heat.


But metal roofs don’t make buildings hotter. In fact, they make them cooler — and in turn save property owners a lot of money.


How metal roofs make houses cooler

If you’ve ever walked barefoot on the street during the middle of a hot summer day, you’re probably shrieking just while reading this sentence because you remember the pain. If not, your asphalt was coated, so be grateful.


The reason streets and their surrounding environments get so hot is because they are made of asphalt, which has a high retention of heat. Every paved surface absorbs heat to a degree, which increases the temperature of its surface. The surrounding environment also becomes hot because of an ambient heating process driven by the absorbing surface. That’s why highly dense urban areas feel especially hot in the summer.


What’s this have to do with roofs? Well, next time you drive around, pay attention to all the homes you see and count how many have asphalt shingles. Most do because shingles are very affordable, at least on the surface.


Unlike asphalt, the metal sheets used for metal roofs reflect solar radiation because they have a low thermal mass. That means the heat beating down from sunrays isn’t absorbed, so the surrounding environment isn’t as hot as it would be with a material that redistributes the heat throughout.


Other ways metal roofs make houses cooler

One main reason metal roofs do better at reflecting heat than other materials is because they are lighter. Heavyweight materials have more mass, so it takes longer for them to cool down. Metal sheeting is a lightweight material, so it will lose heat much faster than most any other roofing material option.


There’s also the issue of coating. Metal is still a solid surface, so it does absorb heat to an extent. Usually, metal roof installers (including us) use coatings and finishes that work best with metal and are sunlight reflective, adding yet another variable to reduce the heat absorptions.

Another reason is due to how they’re set up. Metal roofs have better ventilation because of the soffits and ridge vents used on installation. These seemingly small configurations make it so more air can circulate in the home, especially in the rooms touching the roofs like an attic. This has the added benefit of avoiding problems with mildew and mold buildup because your home could vent moisture out more efficiently. 


One really interesting reason metal roofs are cooler is their color. Most people know that darker colors absorb more heat, which is why you’re hotter if you wear a black shirt in the summer than a white shirt. Most metal roofs are made from sheets made of lighter colors like white and blue.


That said, even if your metal roof is bright white doesn’t mean it’s going to significantly reduce the heat retained and felt in the house. It’s not nearly as impactful as the difference between metal and other roofing materials like asphalt. For example, a dark metal roof will retain heat more than a brighter one, but it will still do better than asphalt.



Metal roofs are a great way to make your house cool. And anyone who lives in Florida knows that keeping your house cool is both a drag and an expense. That’s why we specialize in metal roofing for Florida homes and businesses. 


Don’t let your house make the Florida heat even worse. Call us today so you can stay cool the next time a really hot day rolls around.

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